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Grey Stafford, the Dolphinaris GM who also criticized Blackfish, said two things in the Fox interview that figuratively slapped me in the face as a viewer: (paraphrased) “We’re Arizonans and we don’t have outside people telling us what to do,” and “These people are racist.”

Don S.

“Dolphinaris is about cash, not concern. Having a place like Dolphinaris is about making money. It’s about cashing in at the expense of warm-blooded mammals we know by way of scientific studies to be highly complex, to have networks of friends and family, to be intelligent, social.”

E. J. Montini, Arizona Republic columnist (5/7/16)

“Dolphinaris using highly-evolved beings as a means for people to have their fun experiences is so very downright unacceptable. Regardless of how well captive dolphins are being cared for, living in tiny man-made pools does not replicate the natural environment where everything – including, and especially, the ecosystem – works in harmony.”

Laurice Dee

“This movement is about bringing an end to an outdated and unnecessary practice. We do not need to keep these large, intelligent animals in captivity for human entertainment/education. We have incredible videos that are far more impressive and will teach you more about dolphins than standing next to them in a concrete pool could ever impart.
So, let’s support the end of this practice in general, take care of the animals that are in human care now, and not perpetuate it by breeding any more dolphins.
One day our kids will be like, “We used to have dolphins in tanks? Why?”
And we’ll say, “We didn’t know better, but now we do.”

Lisa Arnseth, Dolphin Free AZ

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Many people are unaware of the problems surrounding captive swim with the dolphin or whale programs and dolphin encounters, and the negative impact on all involved – humans, dolphins and whales. Just like orcas in captivity, these whales and dolphins suffer from the stress of captivity, too. We can’t forget these individuals in our work to end captivity and create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.


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Captive Dolphin Entertainment Centers Are Not Popular in Arizona, New Poll Finds

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Phoenix New Times: Almost half of all adults across Arizona

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