KSAZ/ Fox 10 Phoenix:

Dolphinaris Aquarium in Scottsdale opened its doors Saturday morning.¬†Dolphinaris has been called a “next generation” facility, offering visitors a hands-on experience with dolphins.

Several protests have been held during the construction of the project. Demonstrators say the mammals should not be kept in captivity.
On Saturday two protests were held blocks from Dolphinaris. Protestors lined up on Via de Ventura outside of the facility, waving signs.
Inside Dolphinaris Arizona people can swim with the dolphins, kiss them and even become a dolphin trainer for the day. They promise an amazing and inspiring experience that will also educate the guests.
But animal rights activists believe it is not right. The dolphins come from captive breeding. For this reason trainers say they cannot be out in the wild and that their care in the facility is top of the line.
“These animals were born in human care. They come from federally licensed zoological facilities. The care, the restaurant quality food we have to provide them, the great veterinarian care,” said trainer, Dr. Grey Stafford.
Protestors on the other hand say there are other options.
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