Live dolphins were shipped to the Valley using FedEx and animal rights activists are upset about it.

Cell phone video that was released doesn’t show everything. Several people appear to be¬†working on and around one of those stretchers that are used to carry dolphins when they’re out of the water. They’re inside a FedEx cargo warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then you hear the voices of the two¬†animal rights activists who are recording the scene.

“Do you have a permit to transfer these dolphins?” shouts one activist.

Soon, someone walks toward the activists from within the warehouse, closes a chain link gate, then drops a metal door, hiding from view what is happening inside.

“This is how all dolphins are transported from one marine park to another,” says one of the activists. They work with Animal Rights Hawaii, a nonprofit based in Honolulu.

The video appears to show dolphin trainers and caretakers preparing one of three dolphins for a FedEx plane trip to the Valley. A second video clip appears to show a crate containing one of the dolphins on the back of a flatbed pickup truck.

The animals were bound for Dolphinaris Arizona, a dolphin aquarium located near Scottsdale.

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