Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project:

For thousands of years, dolphins have graced the myths of cultures throughout the world. There are narratives of dolphins rescuing people at sea; even dolphins and ancient Gods exchanging forms. By all accounts, dolphins have been respected, protected and in some instances, revered.

Fast forward to the modern world, where dolphins have been live-caught at sea, held against their will in captive facilities, and bred to fulfill the demands of those who crave a close-up encounter with the sentient mammals. Perhaps there is some truth to the cliche, “love is blind,” for those that support the captive and swim-with industries are indeed loving dolphins to death, and, at the very least, sentencing them to a life of servitude. As for those who who are brokering the animals and building new dolphinariums and marine parks, a different kind of love is involved: the love of money.

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